If the weather turns bad, there is no fee to cancel as long as you inform us before we deliver. If you were required to pay a deposit, the deposit amount will be saved as a rain check available for credit within 1 year, in your name. Once we have set up, we have to pay our employees for their hard work and therefore we require full payment regardless of use. Note: Unless the weather is so bad as to risk our equipment, we leave the decision up to you since your area might not be affected by weather conditions as much as another. Our main safety concern is wind. When winds go higher than approx. 20 MPH, jumps become unsafe regardless of our tie down methods. If you are concerned, please call our office. Note: All jumps must be staked or tied down to something. If you have synthetic turf or concrete for your set up area, we will need to tie the jump to something very sturdy. Please call if you have questions or check out our web site.

Payment is due at the time of delivery. You can pay with Cash or Credit Card. When paying with cash we ask for exact change as our drivers do not carry change with them. Due to the amount of returned checks, We no longer accept checks as a form of payment. If Gratuity is deserved, it is welcomed for our Delivery personnel

Reminders before your event,

  •  We recommend to double check weather for your big day, by the hour (recommended)

  • Severe Weather Cancellation

  • Cancellations or reschedule must be done BEFORE drop off.

  • Customers shall have right of severe weather cancellation up to time units installation. Upon installation of units, however, units shall be considered rented and subsequently non-refundable.

  • We don't have any cancellation fees before delivering, NO rain check will be made when truck has left to deliver.

  • We highly recommend the customer double check the weather by the HOUR (rain, temperatures and wind speed) closer to the date and keep us updated about the status of the reservation.

  • NOTE: If we deliver and set up, and it rains there are no Rainchecks, or Discounts. When we deliver, we are already commited with labor costs, time, fuel etc.. So if you would like to cancel or reschedule let us know before delivering.

Delivery Times:
Customer should call the office by 5:00PM the day before their rental to check on their scheduled delivery time. In order for all customers to be delivered on time we occasionally deliver several hours in advance of scheduled rental time.

The customer is responsible for notifying the office BETWEEN 6-8AM OR BEFORE THE DRIVER DELIVERS ON THE DAY OF THEIR RENTAL if they need to cancel the rental. Once the equipment is delivered, the FULL AMOUNT IS DUE regardless of total time used. All decisions to cancel due to weather or any other reason need to be made BEFORE the scheduled delivery time, even if the equipment is delivered early. We ask that the customer be informed of all weather conditions approaching by watching or listening to their local news.

A 50% Deposit is required for all orders. If you cancel 8 days or more before your party, you will receive a refund of your deposit. A 10% handling fee will be assessed for all refunds, whichever is greater. If, however, you cancel your booking within 7 days of your party, you will receive a raincheck for your deposit that is good for up to one year towards your next rental. We do not refund deposits within 7 days of party. PLEASE NOTE: A 1.5% FINANCE CHARGE WILL BE INCURRED FOR UNPAID BALANCES AFTER 15 DAYS COMPUTED ON THE AMOUNT DUE AFTER COMPLETION OF EVENT, AND CUSTOMER WILL FORFEIT ALL DISCOUNTS. A 1.5% FINANCE CHARGE IS EQUAL TO 18% PER ANNUM.

50% non-refundable deposit & signed contract is required to reserve the date. All pre-payments for Events are considered booking fees and/or non-refundable retainers. Therefore, all payments made to Mountain Mother Jumper are non-refundable under any circumstance. A rain check good for 6 months will be given if Event is canceled more than 30 days in advance.


If a Certificate of Insurance is requierd we will provide our employees to man each unit ordered at your cost. 


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